The Dangers of Not Reading Instructions

Not reading instructions wastes more time than it saves and sometimes, it KILLS!

Muchina T.K
4 min readJul 24, 2022
Photo by Eder Pozo Pérez on Unsplash

Reading instructions and understanding them saves time, stress, and frustration. It minimizes the possibility of screwing something up or making something worse while trying to fix it.

According to, Americans don’t read manuals. Instead, they give up on product setup within a few minutes.

Blame it on poor usability or just not reading the frickin’ manual, but it turns out that 95 percent of all returned gadgets actually work despite what customers may say or think. That’s right. Of the $13.8 billion worth of returned products in 2007, only 5 percent were because gadgets were truly broken.¹

Of course, this is not uniquely an American problem. It’s a human problem, especially in the age of instant gratification.

I’m guilty of it and so are you.

Take for example the FUNNY case of my first Smart TV. (You’ll feel very smart after reading this.)

I went on and purchased a Roku Smart tv. It was my first Smart TV. I had seen smart TVs in people’s homes and in stores. I thought I knew how they worked.



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