My Surreal Journey Through Time: Conversations with Future Me

How I met my future self and discovered my destiny

Muchina T.K
8 min readMar 27, 2024
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It had to be a dream — the only plausible explanation. Standing across the room was the most surreal manifestation of myself, a figment of imagination too vivid to be real.

I was sitting in a chair, or maybe a bed? All I know is my feet were dangling. I tried to shake myself, even tried slapping my face to no avail. When I tried to move, I couldn’t. There was no floor beneath my feet.

Yet, in the corner of what seemed like a virtual reality world, stood what I could only describe as… well, me. The scar above my left brow, a relic from a kitchen mishap at the age of five, served as an unmistakable identifier. This dream, if it was one, felt eerily tangible.

In this ethereal realm, I appeared slightly older, and my fashion choices had clearly evolved. The hairstyle though was open to interpretation.

Then, in a voice mirroring my own, albeit a bit hoarse, the apparition spoke. I flinched, or at least thought I did, but the expected impact never followed. What unfolded next rattled me to my very core.

“Don’t come closer. We have to maintain a certain distance or something tragic could happen,” he cautioned.



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