If You’re Selling a Digital Product, You’re a Scammer

Based on a true-ish story — usernames are cleverly modified

Muchina T.K


Some day in 2018:

A very successful entrepreneur is live-streaming on Youtube. He’s teaching viewers how to build a digital marketing business as he did. We’ll call him Todd B.

About an hour into the presentation, the chat room is lighting up with flattering comments about how valuable the information he was dishing out is.

  • “Best free training ever,” says DanWoffy
  • Me: “Loving the content/value. Wish I had known this 10 years ago”
  • BrentLeigh22: “Wow, just wow. I’m so inspired. I can totally see myself succeeding as a digital marketer”
  • “I have never heard of Todd B before, but my mind is blown. Finally, someone who I can respect.” Says Pragmatic Crystal

Throughout the presentation, comments like this keep pouring in. Pragmatic Crystal is the most enthusiastic of them all.

“I wish I had not wasted thousands of dollars buying hyped-up courses from all those fake gurus.” This is a goldmine — she keeps going.

By the 90th minute, the chat room is about to combust with enthusiasm and appreciation.

With the exception of a troll or two doing what trolls do, everyone feels confident and inspired enough to go take on the world by the balls and build a kick-ass digital marketing business.

2 Hours Later:

Todd B “Before we end this live stream, let me mention that there is a lot more inside our 6-week DM for Dummies course where we dig deeper and teach the concepts I just talked about in detail and real-life stories.”

He continues to list an impressive number of benefits packed into his 6-week online workshop.

And then he commits the “ultimate sin.”

“If you’d like to, you can join the 10,000+ students who have already taken this course for only $1999.00. I promise if you take this course and do everything we teach you, it will pay for itself 10 times over in just a matter of months.

The chatroom goes silent.



Muchina T.K

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