31 Yr Old Multi-Millionaire Says This Was His Biggest Mistake

Anyone looking for financial success should STOP doing this now

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At 21, he was a college dropout living in his parent’s garage in NZ. 5 years later, he was a millionaire appearing in high-profile magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

The Story of Sam Ovens is rather fascinating. It’s proof that anyone, with enough time and hard work (very hard work), can achieve their wildest dreams.

But there’s another side to Sam Ovens’s incredible story.

The Failures

According to Sam, he failed over and over for years before nailing down his niche and creating millions. Why?

In his own words, Sam says he wasaddicted to niche-jumping, net-hopping, and doing anything that wasn’t sticking to one thing and being focused.”

He was a victim of the “shiny object syndrome.”

“When I was getting started in the business, I would look into an opportunity, and I’d think… all right this is it. This is the thing that I’m going to stick to. This is the thing that I’m gonna get good at. And then I would start looking into “the thing” and I would notice that there was a lot to learn.”

When explaining what it really takes to succeed in business, Sam borrows from professional sports.

“It’s kind of like choosing to play a new sport.” He says.

Let’s say you’ve never played basketball before. You’ve never seen a game and
all of a sudden, you’ve got to learn how to play.

You have to know the layout of the court and you’ve got to learn the player’s styles. You’ve got to learn what’s dangerous and learn different players’ habits. You’ve got to learn the whole damn thing.

Then you’ve got to get your fitness up. You’ve got to increase your strength to do all sorts of things before you really get competitive and get really good.

Sam explains that he sees a lot of people doing the same thing in life and in business.

“They look into a thing, maybe a new niche like crypto, and then they think “oh



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