12 Time-Tested Lessons From “The Little Book of “Don’ts”

A brief collection of time-tested wisdom from around the block

Muchina T.K
5 min readJul 19, 2022


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Here’s a brief collection of random time-tested wisdom from an upcoming book “The Little Book Of Don’ts”

I hope you find a nugget or two that you can use in your own life.

1. Don’t fall for the “cash back” scam

Don’t buy something you weren't going to buy because of a “cash back” promise— no matter how handsome it is. It’s a marketing ploy by sneaky corporations trying to separate you from your hard-earned dollars.

Think about it, what do you have to do to earn “cash back?”

You have to shop, and if you want a lot of cash back, you need to shop — a lot.

If “cash back” wasn’t a scam, merchants would simply reduce the price of an item by the percentage, or the amount you supposedly earn “cash back” for.

There’s no difference between buying something for $100 or buying it for $104 and getting $4 back.

2. Don’t wander around looking for the perfect “Thing” to do with your life

It doesn’t exist no matter what they tell you in self-help books. “Your passion” is a f*cking con job.

Don’t wait to discover your passion. Get out there and try different things. See what sticks, then stick with that.

You can always change your mind down the road. You’re picking a niche, not marrying it.

3. Don’t diet

Seriously, diets have been around for a bloated century. If any of them REALLY worked, there would only be that one. Diets are fads — all of them.

Humans didn’t evolve to count calories or grams of fat. Everyone knows how to be healthy and fit. We just don’t want to do what it takes. Instead, we want magical portions, programs, and powders.

Don’t waste your money. Make a decision that you’re going to be the kind of person who chooses healthy food and moves this/her body enough and you’ll never have to go on a diet again.

4. Don’t keep secrets.



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